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Having more than just a mild obsession with Italy, I want to inspire and educate anyone that wants to listen about this wonderful country and how best to enjoy it.


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Thank you for visiting AmoItalia.co.uk, as you may have read on previous pages, mostly on the 'About' page, you will now know that I have a love affair with Italy, and like that favourite restaurant you love, and can't stop telling all your friends about and try to get them to experience it, this is my version of that.  Italy has so much to offer I just want everyone to enjoy the experiences that I have.

This blog is, currently a hobby but one day maybe I can make a career out of this.  To do this I need help along the way.  There are a number of ways that you can support my blog so that I can keep on providing you with inspiration and information.

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I travel to Italy, attend food shows and carry out a great deal of research, locating high quality Italian products including, food, coffee, wine and anything else that I think is worth having.

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Visit cafe sapori

Cafe Sapori is an Italian Cafe Bar and Pizzeria based in Guisborough, North Yorkshire.  I take inspiration from my trips to Italy, source ingredients from Italy to bring you an authentic Italian Experience.  

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Relevant content is a must for any blog, ensuring that it keeps its readers coming back.  If you want an article on any particular topic relating to Italy please send us an email on ciao@amoitalia.co.uk


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Like anything, you must receive some value to part with your hard earned money.  If you feel that this blog has provided you with some value and would like to repay that favour, please feel free to to make a donation to help me keep carrying out research and adding value to your experience