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Having more than just a mild obsession with Italy, I want to inspire and educate anyone that wants to listen about this wonderful country and how best to enjoy it.


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Italy is a great country and the Italians speak a number of different languages so it is always easy to communicate, but if your like me you will want to learn some Italian to feel like one of the locals when you are travelling.  In this section you will find resources to learn and articles on how best to get about with some key phrases.

I have tried many different ways to learn Italian, and like anything you have to keep practicing and there is nothing better than spending time in Italy and speaking the language - that is the only true way to embed the language.

The best product that I have found is an audio CD by Paul Noble, it is a great way to learn and you can do it anywhere.

I travel a lot in my car and its a great time to pop the CD in and learn a bit of Italian.

There are two series in the collection, the first in the series is a 12 hour beginner course:

As mentioned above, the best way to learn is to practice, so once you have completed the above course, as a reward to yourself why not book a trip to Italy to put your new language skills into action.

Tip: Don't just do the course once, keep it handy and keep going over it again and again until it is second nature and you don't have to think about it.

Once you have mastered the first course, you will be ready to go a bit more advanced, you now need to move onto 'Next Steps', 

The beginner course will cost you £47.99 and the next steps will cost £9.99 - so the best way to access these courses is by taking an Audible subscription.  This way you get access to these courses, as well as many other free books, including some other short audio Italian lessons.  It will cost you a little more, at £7.99 a month (£87.89 for the first 12 months with a free 30 day trial) but you get access to so much more.

With Audible you can access this on your phone or tablet too which makes learning even easier as lets face it, we all have our phones within reaching distance.